December 31, 2010

Blog Candy And New Year Resolutions

Each year we reflect on the time gone by and decide what we need to change about ourselves. We make these long wonderful lists, go on diets and budgets and even resolve to spend more time with the family.... but do we follow through?

All of us are well intended but according to Wikepedia only 52% of participants setting goals were even confident in making them. 12% of the people actually achieved their goals and men were 22% more successful when setting their goals and women were 10% more successful if they made their goals public.
So that is what we need to do make our goals public to increase our success rate. Today I am going to ask you to list 1 resolution that you want to make as your goal for the year and post it as a comment so that I may help your odds of being successful. I am even going to encourage you with blog candy. SERIOUS though I want you to be Serious... a real goal not general. Example I am going to Dallas for the Circle swarm I have lost 16 pounds since October and I am making my goal for 10 pounds more by March 18th! I even give you permission to ask me my countdown number as I want to be successful, don't you?
What do you resolve to do in 2011? Tell us for a better chance to succeed as well as to have an opportunity to win this great blog candy! The Lyrical Letters cart will go to one lucky follower that has the courage to stand by her convictions and share her realalistic New Years Resolution! And don't worry we will all keep it a secret! NOT! Be sure to leave me your email address so I can reach you. Now be sure to leave your comment by 9PM CST January 1st, 2011 including your resolution complete with a date you will accomplish by and be a follower to qualify. Winner will be announced at 5:00AM on the 2nd.
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