December 2, 2010


Hello, everyone!!!  I hope all you lovely people are happy and well!

Well, here I am again, happy to be back here on Sheila's blog.  Sheila, thanks again for having me!  I just love doing this!!!

As many of my blogging family are aware, I love boxes and I love this little box I've prepared for you today.   I think it's so cute, it's so easy and, of course, I have a cut.file for you too!  It's a one piece hexagon box (the lid is attached):

I have filled mine with Christmas candy but it can be used to hold any other small gift:

Okay, now let's get started making it by first cutting out both pages of the cut.file:  you will need a 12" x 12" sheet of cardstock for the first page which is the box and lid trim, and an 8.50" x 11 (or smaller) for the second page which is the lid topper and box bottom trim:

Once you have you're pieces cut out, starting with the box cut.file you will fold in all the tabs and sections as shown:

Now  fold up each box bottom section and glue the tabs in place to the opposite inside sections, as shown below:

Okay, now we're going to add the edge trim to the top lid to cover those ugly tabs slots and secure the lid:

Wooo-hooo, we're almost there!!!  Let's take the lid topper and bottom trim cuts from the second page cut.file and glue those in place:

Finally, I used Stickles to outline and cover up the raw edges around the topper and trim, but you may want to use or do something else:

All right!!!!  Now decorate your box any way you like and fill it up because that's it!!!  Easy-easy-peesy!!!  Here's another little look at my finished project:

I do hope you like my project, and will enjoy making it for yourself!!!  And, I hope you let me see what you did if you do!!!  But, please, do let me know what you think -- I'd just love to hear your comments!!!

Now to get the cut.file, head on over to my blog and download a copy of the cut.file which is at the bottom of my post for this project today.  The carts used for this cut.file are Accent Essentials and George.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!  See you next month!
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