December 21, 2010

The Polar Express...

**UPDATED Gypsy file now available below!!!**

Hello my crafty friends, and Merry Christmas to you all! This is Kristy from craftin-on-my-door and I am super excited to be sharing here today at She's a Sassy Lady! Thanks Sheila  for the opportunity!

My family and I just returned {yesterday} from the Polar Express, We went with some friends of ours and had a fantastic time! While we were there we visited the gift shop. My friend Shannon found an adorable scrapbook kit, but it was a little over priced if you know what I mean. She really wanted it for the "Believe ticket." That's when I thought...I can make that on my Gypsy!!!! So, during the ride home I designed with the help of my G!

Here's the golden ticket:
And here are the layout pages:
I started by using a ticket on the Fabulous Finds cart, and used the hide feature to hide the inside cut. It was a little too chubby so I "unlinked" the w/h and set it at 9.88"w x 4.53"h. Then, I used Cherry Limeade for the BELIEVE. It was sized at 1.94" and then tilted at 9.00.
I placed BELIEVE in the middle of the ticket.
For the hole punched effect I used a circle from Accent Essentials and sized it at .22". This is the part that took FOREVER, but we had a 4 1/2 hour trip home so I had the time! I copied and pasted circles into each letter until I got the look I was looking for. Then I deleted the actual letters and grouped all of circle letters together.
I made two, one for my friend Shannon and one for myself.
For the train I used the Christmas cart. The train and blackout train were cut out at 2.65"h. The cars and blackout cars were cut at 2.41"h. Then, I attached a light yellow strip of paper behind the windows. These were cut at 1" x 3".
The bells are also from the Christmas cart. They were cut at 1.24"h. The band and bow were on the same key together so I took turns hiding one and then the other so that I could cut them in different colors. I made the band a little larger and cut them at 1.31"h, and the the bows at 1.27"h.
I also made a wreath for the front of the train. This was done using the Christmas cart, and was cut at 1.50"h.
For the title I used Plantin Schoolbook at cut it at .84"h. (This font matched the actual title the best.)
Here are some pictures of the pages getting put together:

Like I said we just got back yesterday (Monday) afternoon, so I have not had time to print my pics yet. There is a 5 x 7 of my Little Stinkerbella and her friend Emma sitting on Santa's lap. (Of course Stinkerbella is SCREAMING!) Here are a couple of the pics that I will be ordering to add to these pages:

I would love to share my Gypsy file with all of you, but can not figure out how to attach it?! If anyone would like it and can walk me through the process I would be more than happy to edit this post and add the file! (Thanks Cher for your help!!!!)It took a TON of time, but let's just consider this my Christmas gift to all of you! :) Happy Holidays, thanks for visiting today, and thank you for all of your lovely comments! <3 Kristy

***Here is the Gypsy download  Polar Express Gypsy Download

If you download the file please leave me a comment on my blog HERE :) This way I will know how many people are interested in more Gypsy downloads!
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