December 22, 2010

Gift box and treats created for the Circle Blog Monthly Challenge

Hi everyone, this is Beth again from thunderbirdlindybydesign.  Today I wanted to share a gift I made for my SIL for Christmas.  I was browsing thru an older crafting magazine and I noticed an ad for Karen Foster Hexagon box with individual gift boxes inside counting down the 12 days of Christmas.  I did not have the box but thought is was a cute cute gift idea, so I took my Gypsy, George, Cricut, and lot's of patience, and made my own.  I started by welding triangles and rectangles to get a box that I could score and fold to create a triangle shaped box.  I could fit 2 on a page so I copied it. I cut this 6 times out of the Old Fashioned Christmas pad from Recollections that I got at Micheals.   With 12 boxes cut out, I scored and folded and glued them together.  I then needed a box to put them in.  I searched my Gypsy and came up with a hexagon shape and sized it 11.55x11x55 and cut out the bottom of the box.  I then took 1 sheet of 12x12 cardstock and cut 3 pieces that were 12x4, and scored them 1/2 on one long side. I then started the task of glueing and folding these to the base hexagon to created the bottom of the box.  After that was done, I was 1 section short, so I cut one more 12x4 and used what I needed from it.  So in all I needed 4, 12x4 pieces of cardstock scored on the long side 1/2" in from the long side.

To make the lid, I cut the same hexagon again, but added a snowflake cut in the middle of the lid.  I had to create the sides the same way for the lid as I did for the bottom, except I cut the 4 pieces 12x2 and then scored 1/2" from the long edge and glued them to the bottom of the lid.

I cut graffix plastic to fit behind the snowflake cut out, adhered, and where you could see thru the snowflake, I took stickles in clear and smeared it around on the plastic with my fingers.

After the boxes were completed I needed to dress them up a bit.  I cut 2 sizes of scallops one in red and one in white, 12 times, and then cut the count down numbers 12 to 1 in black.
Here is the finished gift.

The rules for Monthly Circle Blog Challenge states you need to use 2 cuts from your cricut, red, ribbon, a phrase and a tag, so I added the above to finish the look.

I also added some really cute dimensional stickers I got from the Dollar Bin at Micheal's.
I am going to stuff either white tissue paper in the empty spaces, or use the shredded paper in green or red.  I did not have any in time for this post.  I started filling the boxes with treats, and am planning on adding a gift cart to her favorite store.  I hope she doesn't see this before Christmas.

Hope you like the project today, and from all of us at Thunderbirdlindy By Design and the White household, MERRY CHRISTMAS, and Merry Christmas to you Sheila, thank you for the lovely Christmas card.  I enjoyed it.

Until next year, Beth.


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

WOW, what a unique box and so intricate. I love the design. and 12 little gifts will keep her opening and enjoying for a long time. Thanks for sharing with us today.

Lori Apgar said...

Beth this is a great gift idea! I love the shape of the box and the inner boxes too! Wish I was on your gift list (he he).

Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Peggy said...

Such a pretty gift box. Sheila, Donna& I wish you and your family the best Christmas ever.

Granny said...

This is such a great box. Thanks for sharing.