December 7, 2010

Simple Christmas Favors

SIMPLE is the key word here and so welcomed by your guests. This is Sheila from Shes A Sassy Lady and today I want to share this wonderful Christmas treat with you. These sour cream containers are filled with red and green M&M's. Yummy. You see I needed fast goodies to take to our Sunday School Christmas party that added a little color to the decor. Well I had seen Okie's video on making the sour cream containers but she adorned hers with scalloped tags stamped and stickled and I thought no way I didn't have time to be that creative sooo.... I used paper that said Merry Christmas and purchased a couple of sheets at my local Hobby Lobby for 50% off and went to work. I give you permission (sometimes we need someone to do that for us) to keep it simple too.
As soon as I got back from the store I cut all the paper into 4.25x5.50. So I got 4 per 8.50x11 sheets of paper.
Then I gathered all my supplies; my paper, M&M's, my Pink ATG, a crimper, and a little measurer for placing the M&Ms in the containers.

Place glue on three edges as shown; the 2 long and 1 narrow edge.

Now you make a little tube as shown.

Then you fold in half as shown closing the side evenly.
Then you place it in the crimper and turn 3 to 4 clicks. I like the look of the 4 click.
See how nice that edge looks. Now all you need to do is place your M&M's inside the container. I used a scoop and a half each of a coffee measure which I believe is a tablespoon. Then all you do is close the other side in the opposite direction and crimp that end.

Now isn't that adorable. Just perfect. Now all I need to do is keep going.
For the purpose of planning this is what 1 12.60 oz bag will make, 12 containers. So I made 3 dozen and it took just over an hour. Now that is an easy project that is sure to put a smile on the receivers face and not much of your precious time. I really felt a sense of accomplishment when I finished.
That's all for today's little project. Now wasn't that easy and so much fun to do. I sure hope that I helped you today by giving you a simple project that can be used for so many different things. You have a great day and thanks for stopping by The Bug Bytes and Shes A Sassy Lady today.
Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement as they continue to inspire me to keep sharing with you.
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