August 11, 2011

Cookie Sheet mini album / Home Decor piece

Hello everyone! Java Jen here from Java Jen Creations ! I'm so excited to share my project with you today!! Thank you, once again, Sheila for allowing me to!! :-)  Well, are any of you just a little bit curious because of my title??  I started thinking about this idea a few months ago after I took these sweet pics of our niece and my mother-in-law making cookies together. I thought that it would be really neat if I could figure out a way to somehow display these pictures on an actual cookie sheet to hang in the kitchen!  It took some figuring in coming up with my handmade accordion-type minis.  Another reason this project was so challenging is because I have not been home since June 30th, when we left for Ohio for vacation and then drove on to North Carolina to stay with my husband where he works!  So.......  that means I had to create this project in our hotel room!  While in Ohio, I was able to use my Mom's Cricut to cut my words and other images that I wanted to include in this project - so glad that I had previously designed my cuts on my Gypsy!   Anyway - enough talkin', let's get to lookin'!! :-)

Here is the finished piece and then I'll break it down so you can see how everything came together:

I used lots of papers and embellishments from my June, July and August club kits from Club Ruby Designers . If you have not checked them out, you simply must! :-)  Their monthly kits are so full of wonderful goodies that make creating projects so easy! In the August kit is a brand new product from Megan Elizabeth called Paper Layerz! Let me tell you, it is simply fantastic, especially when used with my trusty Gypsy! To find out all about Paper Layerz, click HERE! 
before cutting

I chose exactly where I wanted my images to cut based on the color of the Paper Layerz squares.

after cutting

next sheet before cutting
after cutting

as designed on my Gypsy!

Some finished cuts - (some were from my kits papers and kraft paper)
There was actually a white gel pen in this month's kit so all the more reason to do what I love! :-)

The cookie sheet I used is 10.5"x15.5".  I started with a smaller one but switched to a bigger one to be able to fit everything on. I forgot to take a pic of the bigger one. 

Love this paper from the Club Ruby Designers June kit!

I found this perfect ribbon at Hobby Lobby!

Here are a couple of the fold-outs opened up. The one on the right is cut to 5.5"x12" and scored at 4" and 8" to make folding easier. 

I added to the fold-out on the left but forgot to take pics before I put it all together.

I cut a slit for the ribbon to come through to hold this section up when it isn't open.

all attached
First unfolding of the top album

2nd unfolding

3rd unfolding
Close-up of one of my favorite embellishments - it's from From My Kitchen. 
All the way open

Some close-ups:

"Chum" is the name all the grandkids have for my mother-in-law! 

Wow! It's done! I just love it!
Here it is all opened up.

If you have any questions as to specific sizes of the cricut cuts, just leave me a comment and I'll get back with you.  I hope I've given you all enough detail so that you can make one of these for your own.  When I get back home, I'll be adding some stickles and other embellishments.  Thanks for stopping by today!!
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