September 2, 2010


Hello, all!  I'm Audrey and I'm back with my second project as a Sassy Lady design team member!!!  And I hope I'll please you all!

While browsing the web I came across this really cute flip album but, unfortunately, I could only find one set of directions and I just couldn't understand them, so I came up with my own based on the pictures I've seen.  Now this isn't going to be exact to the ones out there but I like mine just the same, and I'm going to show you how to do it!  First, here are pictures of my album -- a closed view and an open view:

As you can see, I've already started to fill mine with mini-photos.  Fun, huh?

To shorten this tutorial as much as possible, I will not be picturing the paper measurements and cutting because I believe we all know how to measure and cut.  With that said, let me begin.  First I'm going to begin with the cover and the pages to this album.  You will need:

1 Cover:  8.25" x 5.50" sheet of cardstock scored along the top 8.25" side at 2" and 6.25"
3 Pages:  8" x 5.50" sheet of cardstock scored along the 8" top side at 2" and 6"

You'll have these four pieces:

Put the top cover piece aside for later.  Next fold each page gate-fold style along the score line on each side and align the pages side-by-side to look like this:

Now glue each of the side panels (flaps) together to look like this:

Okay, now fold in the panels on the first page gate-fold style:

Next fold the gate-fold page onto the center of the album:

Now repeat and do the same to the right side.  Now grab the cover.  Align and adhere the center back of the folded pages to the center of the cover as shown below:

Now when all the panels and pages are open, and the album is standing, it will look like this:

I'm going to give you the dimensions now for the panels and  (base) cover for your pages.  You'll need:

8 - 1 7/8" x 5 1/4" flap panels
10 - 4" x 5 1/2" cover (base) panels

Below, are pictures to give you an idea of where these panels will be placed:

When doing your cover panels on the back, before covering the middle section with the cover panel, glue your ribbon in place and then glue on the cover panel:

Now all that's left for you to do is decorate it as you desire!!!  And, I'd really appreciate once you complete your album you please let me know so I can link it to my blog!  I'd really love to see what you do with it!!!

If you have any questions, of course, feel free to leave me a comment and I'll get back to you!

Thanks for coming by, I really appreciate it, and I hope you enjoy this project!

I'll be seeing you!
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