September 9, 2010

Name Placque Project

Good morning everyone!! This is Barb (Crafty Girl) with a simple little project! I decided I would share a project with you that I with my mother a few weeks ago!! My mom wanted to make a name placque for one of her friends so this is what we did!

We started by finding a 12x12 tile that was pretty neutral. Then I got out my Gypsy and designed the placque the way my mother wanted! (She's my mother... I have to do what she says!!)

Once we had decided on the sizes, I moved the pieces around on the mat so that they were grouped together to save paper. The last name and the corners were cut with the same cardstock. The large initial was cut with a patterned paper,
Once we laid the pieces on the tile to see how it looked, we decided that the "B" needed a little something to make it stand out on the tile. (We put newspaper behind the tile so it wouldn't scratch the table we were working on!)
So.... we decided to ink the edges of the "B"!
We laid it out again and liked the way it looked, so it was time to start glueing it down!
We started by brushing on some Mod Podge to the center of the tile using a foam brush. The key is to cover the surface without letting it get too thick and wet. If it gets too wet, the cardstock will start to buckle. Once the Mod Podge was on, we put the "B" on top.
While that was drying, we did the same thing with each of the corner pieces. We gave it a few minutes to dry, and then coated the entire tile with a new coat of Mod Podge.
We then followed the same procedure to add the entire last name over the initial.
Once the tile is dry, it is ready to display! It makes a great and inexpensive gift. I made several of these last year as gifts and had many requests to make more!

Thank you Sassy for a chance to share my project on your blog!

Barb  :)
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