September 12, 2010

I Am So Blessed With Your Friendships

I have to share this layout with all you ladies. You see this is a lovely gift that I received from Beatriz at Amazing Grace for my birthday. I couldn't believe when I got home from work one night around 9:30 there was this package waiting for me.(You need to know it is about 5 days before my birthday and hubby was wondering what I bought on line!) Well let me tell you after opening it I just couldn't believe how beautiful this page is. Bea also sent a handmade card telling how she designed it for the back of a shadow box!!! Isn't it GORGEOUS? For a half hour I oohed and ahhed as my husband just didn't understand. You know seeing one of the Beatriz creations on line and holding one is two different things. As beautiful as the photos are it just doesn't do it justice. I took photos from all angles just so you could see the dimension and the beauty. As I write this I must confess I am still looking for the right thank you card.... I mean what do you send to someone who can create this? (See what I mean!) Needless to say I am thrilled and ever so thankful for Beatriz to send this to me.
Look at the dimension and the various textures, not to mention all those beautiful pearls.
Don't you just love this?
So many of Bea's pages have clocks I have started getting but still haven't used one yet.
So detailed an intricate and feminine... I just love this page.
And the last close up is as amazing as the first photo.
This is the lovely birthday card she sent, isn't it beautiful? Well a thank you card is in the mail but it doesn't hold a candle to the beauty in this page! Thank you Bea, you have touched and blessed me with your generosity. Be sure to check out Beatriz's wonderful blog Amazing Grace to see many other beautiful designs.

Now I need to also acknowledge all the wonderful well wishes, phone calls, cards and facebook messages from friends, relatives, Sassy Designers, bloggers, and facebook buddies. Thank you so much for making me feel so SPECIAL and LOVED. You are SPECIAL TO ME and I LOVE YOU BACK.... This is where wish we could just do a group HUG!!!
Pam (TheBugBytes), I can't get over the lovely gift you sent me and all that ribbon! My Gypsy Woman is STRUTTING HER STUFF today!!! Is that ribbon some that you brought back from India? The ribbon is amazing and when I make projects with them you will hear me referring to it as the special ribbon from Pam! I received many cards, and I just have to photograph and share some of the hand made cards with you as they are so beautiful and I want to share my joy with each of you as well as the talent that these ladies have!
This card is from Melissa at Melissa Made (I used her watermarked copy) and it is GORGEOUS, the little bunny is flocked and everything! Too Cute!
This GORGEOUS card is from Lisa at Lisa's Craft Room, see I got flowers and everything! Beautiful Card!
This ELEGANT & SEXY card is from Pam at The Bug Bytes, it is so shimmery and sparkly that it is amazing.
This is a closeup of the material, see how slinky it looks, you can't help but blush when you hold this card close!
Yet see how elegant it turned out.

Then this card is from Agnes at Flowerdisco's Scrap Hut, she said she was sending me a card of from her very beginnings of card making.... sure is nicer than my very beginnings and look she even had real stitching!!! Beautiful card.

Yes I am truly blessed with many loving friends and I wanted to make sure I told each of you that I love you all and really appreciate how special you made me feel. I worked a 11 hour day that day and you helped me keep a smile on my face. THANK YOU ALL!
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