September 6, 2010

A Sassy Apple A Day!

Hi!  I am Lori from Scrappinmystressaway and I am honored to be here on Sassy's blog once again!  My Gypsy is back and has been working overtime!

You know what they apple a day keeps the doctor away!! Well, this apple is just too cute. I have seen several projects lately using pages of books and I couldn't resist. Since I used the actual pages from a book (not copies) I did not want to include this apple in a layout with photos. I decided to make a card for my son's preschool teacher.

I used the apple from create a critter. I made the largest apple 3.47 inches tall and the others 3.24, 3.0, 2.76 and 2.53 inches tall. I cut out the largest apple in green and red.

I bought a Thesaurus from Wal-Mart for $1.00 for the smaller apples.  I lined up my apples so they would cut out on the words as much as I could.
I set my Speed at 3, Pressure at 4 and Blade at 5 (I normally keep my blade at 6 all the time except when cutting vinyl). I also tried to line up the apples where the words on the page were. 

The heights of the smaller apples are: 2.29, 2.06, 1.82, 1.59, 1.51, 1.35 and 1.20 inches.

I cut off all of the red stems and book page stems. I glued the largest red apple onto the green apple.

I used my Fantastix and brown ink to ink all of the edges.

For the red apples, I used my Tombow adhesive to glue a strip down the middle of each apple.

I bent the edges a bit so the apple had some dimension.

Here are the 5 layered apples.

For the remaining apples, I put adhesive on the edges. I did not want adheisve in the center.
Here are the layers all together.

Before I attached the inner apples, I sewed them together. Had I put adhesive in the center it would have gunked up my sewing machine needle.

Finally I glued the inner apples to the outer apples.

I used watermelon seeds from Doodlecharms for the apple seeds. I used Hide Contour to erase the watermelon shape.

Then I rotated the image and put it on the smallest apple. Then I adjusted the size. I cut out two sets of seeds.

Now the rest of the card! I used Gaffer Tape from 7 Gypsies that I have had forever and have never used! I cut a square of brown star paper from Creative Memories (it has the same design with blue stars on the reverse side). I cut out "thank you" in yellow from Nursery Rhyme. I tied a bit of jute cord to the stem of the apple.

And here it is again! I just love this layered apple look and will be using this one again! I hope you like it!
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