September 22, 2010

I Know it's not near time for Christmas, but....

Hi everyone, Beth here from Thunderbirdlindy by Design, it's really good to be back on She's a Sassy Lady.  It seems like just yesterday I was a guest designer.  I hope I didn't give you heart failure Sheila, waiting so late to post, but I made it.

Today I want to share with you a 3-d house made with my favorite cart, George.  Some of you might recognize the project out of the SU mini catalog.  I thought it was an awesome project, and I thought it would be perfect for my post today, so I hurried up last night and recreated the house using my Gypsy and George.  Here is the finished project,

I really love making 3-D projects from George for all of you readers that don't have some of the other carts.

Supplies needed are Gypsy or DS
2 Sheets Poster board
12x24 mat
2 sheets of cardstock color of choice
score board
5/8" circle punch
Red Ink
Sentiment of choice

I started by cutting out the house images from the poster board.

The first tab is the cut tab in the file, and the second tab is the score tab.  I did not unload my mat prior to scoring with the 2nd tab.  I just turned my blade upside down, and "cut" page 2.  I then unloaded the mat and I had my score marks already in place. 

I then loaded 2 pieces of 12x12 cardstock on my mat, both pieces being the same pattern, turned my blade right side down, cut, turned my blade dull side up and scored again, do not unload mat in between these steps.

I attached the printed cardstock to my poster board.

Then assemble the house.

The roof tab in the file needs some work, so I had to tweek it to get it to fit the house.

Attach the roof to the house.  Take your 5/8" circle punch and start punching circles out of the excess posterboard.  I am sure you are asking why I didn't use my cricut, and I thought it would be a lot faster with the hole punch, but you could use your cricut.

I punched a whole lot of circles, 4x as many as in the pic.
I then glued them to the top of the roof in a "shingle" type arrangement.

I stamped sentiment in red ink on the poster board and cut out in a banner shape.

I took a 12x1" piece of coordinating cardstock and scored it every 1/4" on my score board. Then I glued the ends together to form a circle.
I also cut some scallops from my cricut, but I didn't use George. 

I attached all of this to the front of the house. I cut some rectangle piece of cardstock and glued them inside the windows.

I was in a bit of a hurry to finish so I did not get to decorate to it's full potential.  This house would look great with tissue paper glued inside and then a small light placed on the inside of the house.  It would also look cute decorated for Fall, any season really.  Just think of the possibilities, and all you need is George.

As soon as I get the file the way I want it so you want have too much trouble making this project, I will post it on my blog for everyone.  Hopefully by the weekend.

Thanks everyone for joining me today, and thanks Sheila, you are a great blogger and friend.



Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Beth, this is great! and if you are making a little village you do need to start right away to be able to get them all done! So timing is perfect. Love it.

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

Wow... this is so cool! Thanks for sharing and happy Wednesday!

mfc.melissamade2 said...

Beth - this is awesome!! Great project - I think I want to do a whole village! Thank you for sharing.

Granny said...

This is so nice, my sister collect Christmas villages and would love this! TFS

Bamabel said...

That little house is simply beautiful! I've never done any 3D things with my Cricut. I have 3D things on carts, but have never given them a try. I need to try this out. Again, very nice!!

Suz said...

Really cute! And it is never too early to start planning our Christmas gifts and/or decor!

Lisa said...

Very nice. I've been wanting to make the little village, I might just have to try it soon.

Barb Craft said...

Well... I can see I need to make this a fall project instead of a Christmas project since I don't have a single fall decoration up yet!! lol!! Love the idea... it really is darling!!
barb :)

flowerdisco said...

imagine the possibilities is right! and thanks for the tip about the blade and scoring marks. thanks.

Audrey Frelx said...

Beth, this is super cute!!!

Angi Barrs said...

This is so cute Beth. Gets me in the Christmas spirit:)

June said...

This is super adorable!!!! This is something I would love to try!!! Thanks for sharing and the inspiration!!!

Unknown said...

This is Adorable! I did see it in the SU catty and thought about making my own. I Love your is AWESOME. Thank you for sharing your cut file when it's ready.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh this is just so adorable..