May 12, 2011

Cricut Imagine Scrapbook layout

Happy Thursday, everyone!! Java Jen here from Java Jen Creations. I'm so excited to be here for my second time already at She's a Sassy Lady! Thank you, Sheila! As always, I am honored to be here! For some reason, Blogger is being a little wonky today so I can't put my pictures in the spots where I want them in my tutorial so I guess the pics will be at the top and the tutorial will follow!
Well, I just got back from Ohio to visit with our son, his wife and new, sweet little baby boy so I wanted to show everyone the page that I created for our new grandson's scrapbook! I actually created the page before I left for Ohio so that when I had a picture of our little sweetheart, I could simply put it on the page and enter all the stats! I have pics of the whole process and the completed page, but, can you believe it? I forgot to take a pic of the completed page with our grandson's picture on it!! My son said he would take a pic and email it to me so I'll post that when I get it on my blog - .

I used my Cricut Imagine and the Imagine More cartridge and the Baby Steps Cricut cartridge. I sized the images at 5.75"H and all the layers accordingly. I have pictures of the page in the Baby Steps cartridge booklet, the Imagine screens and the completed cuts. The nice thing about the Imagine is that I can simply put white paper on my mat and choose the colors for my layers!

I took a picture of my Cutter Bee tweezer bee tweezers because that is my go-to tool for adhering small pieces on my die cuts! I don't know what I would do without them!

My completed page is all ready for the stats to be entered and a photo to be adhered. I used my white gel pen to make some clouds and do some stitching. I seriously don't think that I can do a project without doing some stitching! :-) I was really glad that I made this page before I left for Ohio because our daughter-in-law went into labor the morning after we arrived!! Yay!! Perfect timing!!

Thanks for stopping by today and remember to keep on creating!!

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