May 21, 2011

Gypsy Made Simple - Tri-Fold Card Starring Birthday Bash

Don't you just love the new E2 Machine? I do too but I didn't buy one as I really didn't need it. And you know I love that exclusive cartridge that they have for those nifty tri-fold cards and decided we needed to make them on our Gypsy, so that is exactly what we are going to do! You know sometimes when you are creating a design it is just impossible to keep it all in your head. For those moments I get out the paper, pens and even markers so that I can tell shat side of the paper my design goes on. Even at that I sometimes second guess myself but that is why the paper is so helpful as you have a reference point. 
This is one of those designs. It is a difficult design that is made easy just by planning and taking it one step at a time. So get your cup of coffee or tea, turn your Gypsy on and let's get to work. This is going to be a long post but the finished card is so worth all the steps you will take to complete it. Oh, and along the way we are going to make a template so you can make another sometime in the future.

First I want you to start out by making the boxes for the base of your card. You can use any cart that you want for the artwork to go on your card but you first need to complete the base. I need you to make 4 boxes: 2x11.50 (square corner), 3.87x2.30, 4.25x3.80 and 3.50x2.30 (all 3 rounded corners). Once you have them made we will continue.

Now you need to line up these boxes as shown in the video. Make sure the final size on your screen is 5.50x11.50. Then you will group and weld the base of the card together.
Once you have this done save your design as 3-Fold Template so that you will always have that to work from. After your artwork is added you will do a Save As with another name so that you will have 2 files. As you are watching this you will see that I made a major sizing error. I didn't change the video as in the 2nd video I discover the error and fix it. I left it as you need to know how to fix your card if you do the same.

Please use what ever cart you have in your collection for artwork to add to the base of your design. Separate out so you have a page for the three elements you choose making it easy for you to layer.

Because of the complexity of the card I took some of my scrap paper and made a practice cut to make sure it cut and folded properly and it was perfect. I have to admit when I have a challenge like this one it gets the blood stirring and keeps me awake until I have a completed project! Watch the next video to see how it all comes together.

I have to admit this was a fun card to do! It was a challenge but well worth the effort!

Now I challenge you to make one of your own and link it up to my site.
I will make the file available to anyone that wants it but I am asking for a donation this time for the tornado victims here in Alabama.  Below please take a moment to see some of the devastation for yourself.

Email your contribution no matter the size via PayPal using the Donate button on the top right on my blog. CLOSED $52 was collected and was donated along with my donation to the Salvation Army. I thank all that participated and the file you have received this now RETIRED. I have never asked for a fee for myself but these people have lost everything and this is one little way that I can help make their lives a little easier.
Thanks for joining me today and I sure hope you learned something new that you can use on your Gypsy. Thank you for your sweet sweet words of encouragement, your comments continue to inspire me.
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