May 26, 2011

Think vinyl is expensive?

So do I! Hi everyone! Roberta here from TXScrapperMom. I had never taken the time or resources, for that matter :) to try out any sort of vinyl projects, but finally decided I wanted to! I wasn't doing anything special, so I reached for the affordable alternative - the contact paper in the pantry - and gave it a go. I'm sure I am not the first person to try this method, but boy, does it ever work!

I have two of these wonderful carrier in different colors - they are great for cupcakes if you use the tray, and for cookies and such without it. I use it A LOT (once a week, or more), and decided it needed a little something. Here's how it turned out....

I really do wish contact paper came in different colors,
because it really is cheap and easy to find...

I know this may be a give, but just in case...
set it on your mat paper-side-down

Set your blade depth to 3, and your pressure to 2
(any highter, and it'll cut through the paper)
...and voilà!!
It cut perfectly, without cutting the paper backing! It's easy to remove, and adhere! Now I have to make the orange one just as pretty! :)
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