July 4, 2011

4th of July Fold Up Card

Happy 4th of July!!  This is Lori from ScrappinMyStressAway and I made a fun little card for Sheila's blog today!  My friend belongs to a card kit of the month club and she showed me her kit last month.  There was a fold up card that I just had to try to make.

This is my template.  It took me 3 tries to get it how I wanted it.  I grabbed a square from Plantin Schoolbook (any square will do).  I tapped the Real Size Button that has an "a" on it just above the Cut Button. 

The first rectangle is sized at 10w x 3h.  Then I made a 3w x 3h square and welded it to the bottom of the far right side of the first rectangle.  I copied and flipped a second card so I can cut out two at a time.  I saved this file as card.template.foldup. 

I re-opened the file to create my 4th of July card and when I finished I hit Save As and renamed the file to card.template.foldup.july4th.  This way I still have my original template file.

Next, I found some cuts from Independence Day and put them on Layer 3.  Layer 2 had some smaller squares that I thought I was going to use to layer on the card but changed my mind.

I grouped my cuts into colors and cut them out.  After I was finished, I realized I only cut out one set of stripes for the swags.  For some reason this kind of thing has been happening a lot lately (I am a little distracted at times during the summer).  No worries, I just highlighted the stripes, opened Layer 4 and copied them twice.  I cut them out and had enough stripes!!!

For the I *heart*  USA there was no layer so I cut it out in white and red and just snipped off the letters.  I glued the red heart over the white one.

The smaller rectangle on the front needed something so I added three stars from Plantin.  I made my own border by using two 1" stars and one 3/4" star slightly rotated.  I welded them together and put a second smaller star on the mat to pop dot on top.

I scored the card at 3" and 8" across the top.

I turned it sideways and scored at 3"

I added some red, yellow and clear stickles to give it a little sparkle.

I tied some ribbon around the seam of the card for fun.

I hope you have a wonderful July 4th!!
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