July 7, 2011

Sassy Lady Gets A Make-Over!

All kidding aside this is a real photo from the Stampede in March of Melissa of Melissa Made, Pam of The Bug Bytes and myself having a great time. But the big Make Over is happening tonight through the wee hours of the morning! Our very talented Aymee Gandy of A Scraphappy Southernbelle has put this blog under construction and is giving it a whole new updated look!!!!
I have been so blessed with such talented ladies on our team that have turned into great friends. Pam of The Bug Bytes and myself (I picked the papers!!! LOL) did the original She's A Sassy Lady design. At the time it was the state of the art for blogs. Gorgeous to the eye and clean and easy to read. Well two years has past and it is time for a Make Over and updating with the times. Our very own Aymee Gandy didn't go unnoticed by the Sassy Lady as she changes her blog with the seasons so I started asking questions and purchased a Blog In The Box Kit from Zoe Pearn designs. Let me tell you I was so excited as it is GORGEOUS. Well I tried and tried to figure it out and finally talked to Aymee about it. She was moving so that was out of the question. I then approached Pam.... never asking her to do for me but checked out how she would feel if it were changed since she did the original design and she said it needed an update! So I put it on the back burner and asked Aymee if she wouldn't mind and guess what......


I don't know what I would have done without these two talented ladies! Well you are in for a treat as through the night the format will change and you will see a wonderful - wonderful updated look that I just love.... teehee I picked out the papers again! Aymee did a wonderful job and we will be tweaking until we are happy with the finished look. I am sure you will find it is easy to read and pleasing to your eyes. And the good news is that all the designer blogs will continue to be featured for you to have their wonderful designs right at your finger tips!!!

Now be sure to grab a new blinkie with our new design and wear it proudly on your blog and all you have to do is click on it and you will come right back to She's A Sassy Lady for that inspiration along the way! We are looking forward to hearing what you think of this wonderful - wonderful design and I hope you all leave a comment to let Aymee know what you think of her hard work!
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