July 21, 2011

Strawberry Box - Cricut Flower Shoppe

Hi! this is Gaby from http://www.gabycreates.com/ wishing you a happy Thursday
Today I created a Strawberry Box to mimic the Sizzix Big Shot Pro Strawberry Box Die.
I came across this die a few days ago and thought what a great idea it would be to make some of these cute boxes to put candy and give out this coming Sunday at my niece's 9th B-day celebration... but (there's always a but), at $59.99 plus shipping and time of arrival, it would have not serve the purpose intended.  So I set out to see if  any of the flower Cricut cartridges I own would have something similar without me having to design the whole thing.  The first cartridge booklet I opened! there it was!...

... and this is how I made it using the Flower Shoppe Cricut cartridge:
 1-Cut flower Mum2 pg. 21 at 12.42" h
 2-Fold in half and score
 3-Repeat #2 three times (only 3 possible ways to score in half)
 4-Cut down one of the petals from the valley to the center of the flower
 5-Cut on the other side of same petal leaving a piece as a tab to adhere in next step
6-Adhere tacky tape to tab and adhere together to adjacent petal
7-Punch holes on tip of each petal
 8-Thread desired ribbon or string (I tried the pink side, but decided for the red)

 9-Tie together

10-Cut topper Sunflower4 pg. 17 at 5"  (now that I look at it, I think I will cut at 4" next time)

11-Emboss with desired  folder (if desired)
12-Ink and add Shimmer (if desired)
 13-Embellished as desired (after looking at it some more, next time I will add larger embellishments)

Not bad for my first try! (if I might say so...)
 Hope you enjoyed!
Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! ... and continue to enjoy your Summer!!
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