July 7, 2011


Hello, everyone!  It's Audrey!  So happy to have another monthly DT project to share on Sheila's blog today!  Always much thanks to Sheila for having me as one of the designers on her beautiful blog!

Wow, it's been an ongoing busy summer for me and I really had to challenge myself to come up with something really quick -- and I do mean fast -- and easy to have ready for posting only hours before leaving for Atlanta.  Although I've had a lot going on, I didn't want to disappoint Sheila or myself (or you) by not finding enough time for my monthly project commitment; I hope to never have to cancel or postpone unless absolutely necessary!  So, this project is not one of my best -- as I've always said I'm not really good with cardmaking -- but I needed something in a hurry as opposed to nothing at all.

As I didn't have time to do any cut.files, set up a tutorial, or time to make any particular cuts, I headed to what I called my "crap" bin to see what I could come up with.  Do we all save those drawers or boxes with sheets of paper we've made a small cut or two from to re-use the rest of the paper later?  Well, I do and that's how this card came together -- from scraps!!!  Thus the post title -- "crap" scrap!!!

Taking an 8.50x 11 sheet of paper I'd previously cut a character from using the Home Accents cart, I cut around the image to create a 4x4.50 card front.  I popped the card front onto a slighter larger (about 4.25x4.75) scrap piece of green cardstock and mounted it to a 4.50x5 card.  I also save tiny pieces of cutouts to use as embellishments, so I used one for the center front of the card and one for the inside.  My scraps created an interesting window-type card (I backed the open image on the front with acetate).  Here're pictures:


To complete the card I added ribbon across the bottom, glued on a couple of Offray ribbon flowers, stamped "Thinking of You" on the bottom right-hand side of the card front, and then totally messed up using a Pearl Pen for the swirls...lol!!!  It was my first time using a Pearl Pen, so I had no pre-practice in controlling the spacing and/or the amount of the paint flow from the pen in my free-hand drawing in advance.  I'm going to throw in the excuse too that it was after 2 a.m. and I was somewhat "under the gun" when I was completing this card... heee-heee!!!  Good excuse, right?  To make matters worse, I attempted to cover up the mistake at the top of the card by adding more swirl dots, and that came out even worse!!!!  So, I just stopped and left it as it was.  Sooooo..., let's all pretend my swirls are just perfect, okay?  Okay, okay, then how about acceptable...LOL!  Regardless,  I do hope you'll overlook my "pen" mistakes.

Overall, I do like it and think it's nice enough to send to a dear friend which is exactly what I'm going to do!
I'm hoping you'll like it too.

I apologize for not having the time to be more elaborate and/or not having a more a detailed project this month, but I'll be working on making up for it next month!!! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great-great day!

I'll be seeing you!!!


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Audrey, Amazing card! and kow one would ever think this was done quickly! JUST BEAUTIFUL! Hope you have a great time in Atlanta with family!

Java Jen's Creations said...

Your card is beautiful!! If you hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have known that your swirls were "mistakes"! :-) My summer is way busy too so I totally understand!

mforquer said...

Fabulous Audrey!! I do this to with Nestable cut outs!!! Love the effect and the green and white are gorgeous together!

QuiltFrog said...

Your title is sure misleading!!! For thing you pulled out of your "crap" drawer, you created a great card.

Granny said...

This is such a pretty card. Thank you for sharing it.

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

Beautiful card, very elegant. Love the colors too.

Charlotte said...

I just love the card even more each time I see it. Audrey, i hope you are having a great time in Atlanta. I will always cherish the time we spent together last week. I look forward to our next time together. I just feel as if we have been friends for life.

Angi @ CokiePop said...

Your cards are always so elegant and beautiful Audrey. Love this one. :)