March 30, 2012

Cart Storage Made Easy

Hello! Seems like this is the time of the year where everyone is organizing their scrap rooms and supplies. The biggest hurdle many of us have is what to do with our carts. Well I thought I would show you both the methods I am using and both work wonderful depending on your needs. Most of my carts are in this wonderful container that was purchased at Joann's. Most of the carts have their name on the top and all are in alphabetical order. This 3 row plastic container holds 144 carts..... 48 on each row. I have to buy 3 more carts to fill it up!

 Notice how most of them have a little tag on the top saying what they are, yes I am just a little behind buy I was taking advantage of all the sales they had over the holidays and need to make tags for the new ones. Now I don't worry about the books on any of these as the books are on my kindle fire and I can easily refer to that for all the details, but honestly most of the time I just check my Gypsy Woman and the carts wit safely on the shelf.
This is the first method I used but it is a little more expensive.... sells these carrying cases for $29.99 and they hold 12 carts. They are wonderful for keeping your cart and book together as there are many carts that PC still does not have on their site for downloading. They are also great if you are going to a crop and want to take your carts along.... Now I have my Gypsy Woman so they sit on the shelf too.

This is how the inside of the case looks, you can see how convenient is is. I hope these little organizer tips helped you today. I am a Gypsy user though and love that I no longer have to carry them around. I am excited for all you CCR users that now can link your carts as you too feel the freedom of not switching carts and it is wonderful!
If you use a different method to store be sure to share in the comment section of this post as I am sure there are many methods that work and will be helpful for others.
Thank you for your sweet sweet words of inspiration. Your comments inspired me to continue sharing with you.
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