March 30, 2012

Final Hours To Take Advantage Of The Close To My Heart March Sign Up Special!

Well, ladies...  it is down to the final hours where you can take advantage of the March sign up special at Close To My Heart. I would be remiss if I didn't remind you that you too can take advantage of this supe offer good only through March 31st! I just love the products that I received and can't get over the quality in the Close To My Heart product line up.
 How to get it?  Sign up to be a consultant with Close to my Heart and get, not only the amazing start up kit, but you get your choice of the Cricut Art Philosophy Collection or $100.00 in free product (if you already have one) for just $99.00 as it is included with the amazing starter kit!  To skip the rest and sign up now, just use this
It will take you directly to the sign up page.
 So... Have questions?  KEEP READING SASSY!

  What is the Cricut Art Philosophy Collection?  So glad you asked.  It is pictured below.  You get the Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge.  It is the most versatile cartridge that has ever been created.  In addition to the cartridge, you get 3 full sized coordinating stamp sets that include cut sizes on the stamps to get the perfect cut to use with you Close to my Heart Stamp Images.  You also get 3 large sheets of chip board shapes that match the cuts on the cartridge.  They are ready to perfectly work with your stamps and inks.  This is a $124.00 value.  CTMH's normal price is $99.99 for this collection.  You get yours FREE!!!
So... What do I get in my Kit?  What a Sassy Question!  Everything is pictured below.  You get business goods and tons of the best CTMH products to get started with!  The collection included in this is gorgeous and so versatile!  You get inks, tons of stamps, acrylic blocks, embellishments, the famous stamp double scrubber, cards, envelopes, paper samples, idea books, cleaners, adhesives, liquid glass, etc. etc. etc...  That's a $288.00 value and it's yours for $99.00... plus you get the Art Philosophy Collection FREE!!!  That's almost $400.00 worth of amazing stuff for $99.00!!!  Not only does the Art Philosophy cartridge include shapes that were created exclusively to go with CTMH stamp sets, but there will be more and more future stamp collections in the future.  Basically, this means... you don't need more cartridges, dies or punches to go along with your favorite stamps.  You just cut the shapes with your Cricut and stamp away!  Now, that's what I call Sassy!
 Is there more?  Abso-sassy-lutely!  Below are some add ons available exclusively when you sign up as a consultant.  These each include a workshop on the go, extra inks, extra stamps, extra acrylic blocks, extra embellishments...  Both are worth $94.00 to $95.00.  You can add them for $40.00 each.  These are completely optional, but both include amazing stamp sets that you are going to want because they coordinate with your new Art Philosophy Cartridge Too!!!  When you complete your order form, you will have the option to add these to your starter kit.  If you add both, you are looking at over $600.00 worth of amazing stuff for $179.00!  Wow!!!  Again, this is optional.

 One last thing that is also available as an add on is a 3 month Studio J Membership.  If you are into digital scrapbooking, this is a great package.  It's a $63.00 value for $40.00 exclusively to "New" consultants.  Just wanted to make sure you knew of all the extra savings values.
So... What makes this offer so Sassy?  There is NO PRESSURE!  You can sign up today, enjoy all of these goodies and learn everything you would ever want to know about Close to my Heart.  You will not only get these amazing values, but you will also have full online access to the behind the scenes places of Close to my Heart.  There is an entire online training academy for every consultant.  You can learn everything you need to know about making this a successful business opportunity, you can learn how to use the products, techniques you have never seen before, technology you didn't know existed and access to a full network of consultants who have been doing all of this for years.

You also begin with a 22% discount on all of your purchases.  If you sell products, you receive a 22% commission on all of your sales.  These increases with continued success with the business side.

How much am I going to have to pay if I don't use this as a business?  Answer... NOTHING!  There are no hidden fees, no hidden pains, no hidden hardships.  If you want to continue with it as a business and maintain your consultant status, you need to have at least $300.00 worth of sales per QUARTER.  That's it.  Of course, you are encouraged to do more than that, but that's all it takes to keep everything at the status you are beginning with and maintaining your commission/discount.

What happens to me if I don't sell $300.00 in a quarter?  You become a Jr. Consultant.  The commission is smaller and you don't have as much access to everything online.  You will not have any fees or anything like that.  However, you are still going to be stuck with seeing us make all kinds of fun stuff and constantly inspire you.  If you don't stay a consultant, you will always have a place to be inspired and get all of your favorite products!

How do I keep things going?  Well, that's the easy part.  Use up your beautiful and amazing products and show them off!  Get together with the girls and make some sassy things.  You know, everyone is gonna want what you are using and you can provide that for them.  As you get stronger with your craft, you get stronger in your business.  It's that simple sassy!

How do I keep up to date and know what to try next?  Well, that's easy too!  You will have the support of the Sassy team, the support of CTMH at every turn with the latest techniques, ideas, products and I will be sharing lots of Sassy things!  Our very own Sassy Dude is also creating a new blog that will just be for CTMH.  The Sassy Lady will be making an appearance here and there and you will always get lots of great information from it.  The new blog will be up very soon!  The biggest thing is that as you create and as you develop your skills, you are going to be asked about it.  You will be the one everyone wants to learn from.  We will teach, you get all the credit!  Now, That's Sassy!

I have a blog and lots of friends who would be interested in this too.  What do I do to really get a jump start on this offer?  Simple answer for that one.  When you sign up, you will receive an e-mail while your shipment is being processed.  Once that e-mail comes in, you will immediately be able to go online and get into the consultant website.  While in the consultant website, you can go right in and set up your own MYCTMH website.  Simply click on My CTMH in the training page and set it up.  Again, there is a $5.95 per month fee if you want your own website, but as soon as that is setup, you will have a link for others to take advantage of this amazing offer and sign up with you!  It's really that easy!!!  Besides that, you have the ENTIRE MONTH OF MARCH to advertise this to friends and family and get them started as well!  How cool is that?

Have you seen the CTMH Video about it yet?  Here it is!
Well, everything is ready for you!  Just hop on board.  This is going to be such a fun start for everyone and I can't wait to get started and play with all of this new amazing stuff!
Click HERE to take advantage of this Awesome & Sassy Deal and you too can become a Close To My Heart Consultant. I look forward to a long journey with you.
or if you just want to shop Click HERE
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