March 27, 2012

Vinyl License Plate

Hi everyone
~Happy Tuesday To You~
I figured since I am a grand-mom now I should happily flaunt it right? So, I thought I would decorate a license plate frame for the front of my truck.
I used the Cricut Gypsy along with Cricut E2 for this project. The lettering came from the super cute Cricut Nursery Rhymes cart and the hearts are from Accent Essentials.

The first thing I did was measure the plate so I knew how much room I had for my design to fit.

Then I chose my lettering. I used a new layer to add the lettering and the hearts. Once I selected them, I made sure they were centered and looked how I wanted.

For the cutting I used the setting 3, 3, 3. That is a kiss cut for vinyl. If you don't have vinyl you can also use contact paper, it works just as well and a lot cheaper :)
I took it off the mat using the transfer tape and applied to the frame. Once that was finished I headed outside with excitement to attach it the front of my truck.

I think it turned out super cute. Not sure about the Grandma part though. I think I want to be called Nana. The hubby and I are still trying to decide. Hope you give this a try, it is really easy and makes a great gift.
Hugs to all
aka ~ lovethatbug
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