March 1, 2012


Hello, everyone!!!  This is Audrey and, wow, it feels amazing to be back at Sheila's with a DT project!!!  I really missed being here and YOU during my slight absence... LOL!  As always, thank you Sheila for having me.

I have an easy project today of a victorian tea box and card gift set:

Here are close-ups of the front and top of the box:

Okay, sit back and relax because although really easy, this is a bit picture heavy!  To begin I assembled the materials needed for the embellishments and put them together.  If you make this box, you'll probably use your own imagination to adorn yours so I won't take you step-by-step of what I did but give you the general idea and description of what I did for my embellies.  You can refer to the pictures above in relation to the embellishments described below.  It may help to click to enlarge the pictures.  Here we go:

For the spoon on my box, I painted a plain plastic spoon with several coats of Gesso (let dry between coats), added a sticker, and a bow. (At the last minute, before adding the sticker and bow, I added a coat of Distress Crackle Paint -- loved the effect!  However, if you use crackle paint, you'll have to spray it with an acrylic spray to keep the crackle from falling away from the spoon):

For the frame adornment, I painted a tin lid with Gesso (if you visit me, you'll remember a recent project I did and told you to save those biscuit/juice lids).  While the paint on the lid was drying, I found an image on the internet, inserted it into WordPerfect to add the words "TEA TIME", then printed it out, then cut it out to fit and glue inside the lid.  To hide the raw inside edges of the lid, I added beads around the graphic; I finished by adding roses along the edge of the tin to complement the sticker on the spoon:      

The teapot on the top of the box, I hand-traced and cut it out; added another sticker, painted a light coat of glue over the image and sprinkled it with a fine transparent glitter:

For the panel on the front of the box, I cut and glued 3 squares together starting with the largest at the bottom:  4.75" x 4.75",  4.50" x 4.50", and 4.25" x 4.25"; the lace was glued around the box lid.

Once my embellies were completed, I put them aside and started the box.  To make the box bottom I used a 9" x 12" sheet of cardstock, and a 3-1/8" x 6" sheet of cardstock for the lid. Placing the 9" x 12" cardstock on the scoreboard, with the 12" side across the top of the board,  I scored at 5" and 7":

Turning the paper around so that the 9" side would be at the top across the scoreboard, I scored at 2" and 7":

To assemble the box bottom I cut, up to the center lines only, the 5" and 7" score lines to create the tabs.  It'll look like this (I like to trim to taper my tabs but it's optional):

Before gluing the box together, I bone-folded along every fold line then turned the tabs into the inside of the box, added glue to the backs of the tabs and glued them in place to the back of the box by lifting the back of the box up into position.  Like this:

To finish the box bottom, I simply glued the bottom outer tabs to side tabs on the other side of the bottom panel by lifting the entire panel up to meet the the top side of the box.  (I think you all have put together enough boxes... lol).

Okay, for the box lid, I scored 1/2" on all four sides.  I cut a slit down the middle of each corner square at the scorelines to create the tabs; like this:

On all four corners I cut out a triangular piece of each tab along the cuts.  It looked like this:

I, again, bone-folded along all the fold lines and glued the corner triangular tabs to the inside corresponding corners to complete the box.  Here it is -- the lid and bottom:

All I had left to do was add my embellishments and make the card!!!  Ohhh, of course, I did highlight with with some Stickles... lol!!!

This was a fun and fast box project to do, and I hope you like it!  If you have any questions/comments concerning this project, please feel free to click on my name at the beginning of this post.  You'll be directed to my blog where you can then post your information.

That's it for now, and thank you so much for stopping by.

I'll be seeing you!
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