November 9, 2011

Congratulations To The Cricut Couple!!!

Good Evening! I usually don't do this.... run a post late but I just had to share some exciting news about some AMAZING crafters and fabulous friends! Well you all know Bobby our Sassy Dude of the Cricut Couple. Well Bobby and wife Jill are two of the sweetest people I know! They are so generous and create some of the most beautiful creations I have seen. Remember the awesome accordion ornaments Bobby created? He just sent them to me as he thought they would make a great Gypsy Made Simple project! Isn't that generous? And thoughtful? I don't know to many people that would do that! They really know their Gypsy and can really make their Expression and Imagine just dance!!! I hope you will stop by their blog and check out what they are all about - you won't be disappointed and will probably sign up to be a new follower right away! Now you must stop by today - want to see what they are giving away as a prize??? You won't believe it...

Now this is what I call generous! So hurry over, become a follower of the Cricut Couple right now! You won't be sorry. Click HERE!
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