November 17, 2011

Layout with 18 Pictures!

Hi this is Gaby from GabyCreates  and today I am sharing a tutorial on how I made
A two page layout using 16 4"x6"  and 2 5"x7" photographs (you can use more!).

I made my first video to accompany this tutorial (emphasis on first and far from perfect normal)
I had previously created this layout -- this post is the tutorial on how you can create your own.

1-I started by selecting my pictures and paper.
2- Using a transparency sheet included on the FP paper kit, I created "pockets" on my two page layouts -- These "pockets" (transparency cut in half and sewn around) hold each two strips of embellished card stock with 16 4"x6" pictures--
Note: if yo do not want to stitch or can't, you can staple, or adhere with preferred adhesive or method .
 3-cut a 1/2" (or as wide as you wish) strip of paper, fold in half and adhere or sew on top of transparency so that the edge won't be sharp.
4- Cut 4 --4.25" x 9" (or a bit longer/taller)  pieces of card stock.
5- Adhere your pictures and embellished as desired. (I have two 4"x6" on each side or four pictures each).
Above you can see the photo strips out of the pockets.
 By using the transparency as a "pocket" you can still see the pictures inside of the pocket--
Remember to embellish the back of your photo strips. I will add my journal entry here.
 Here is a view of the left page with picture strip out of the pocket.
The transparency idea I got from Shimelle at TwoPeasInABucket...
I had previously created a pocket with PP (see picture below) additionally, Ki Company sells them.
I created this pocket by adding a piece of 1" piece of PP scored at 1/2" and 1/4" from each end and made into an can adhere with strong adhesive or sew like I did here on top.

OK here is the video if you prefer  (...I know, I was hoping you had forgotten about it! [laugh])
Thanks for visiting/watching and for leaving a comment.  
And thanks to Sheila for being so super nice!
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Amy said...

Gorgeous pumpkin LO! Love the pocket idea.

Snowmanlover said...

Great layouts. What a precious little girl too!

mforquer said...

Oh Gaby - these are fabulous girl! I love the pull out tag with the extra photos! This is really beautiful with all the wonderful fall colors! What a fabulous looking family too!!!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Gaby this page is not only GORGEOUS! but it is awesome. Love the pockets that hold all your beautiful photos at a large size too!!! Your first video was awesome, no blunders or long pauses like I find myself doing.... This is just wonderful. Thank you for sharing thes beautiful pages with us.

Bunnyfreak said...

Love the transparence pockets. Looks like you had fun at the pumpkin patch.

Kelly M said...

Love this. Fab use of transparance sheets x

Audrey Frelx said...

Gaby, you always do great layouts!!! As I said on your blog, I love the transparency pocket!!!

Kel said...

wow.. incredible layouts.. LOVE EM!! such fun pictures too!

Jennifer said...

These pages are beautiful! I never thought of using a tranparency like that how awesome. The children are beautiful.

Dan and Heather said...

your pages are gorgeous. I love the pockets and all those yummy photos. Love it.

Granny said...

Look how pretty these pages are. The children are beautiful and I like that you have so many photos of them. Great pages.

Lori Apgar said...

Gaby this idea is AWESOME for a picture freak like me!!!! LOVE this!!

janner said...

I love the pocket idea. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

Cricut Couple said...

Always Perfect Gaby! Love every single shot of these gorgeous projects!

Java Jen's Creations said...

Love, love, love this layout!!! I love interactive layouts and yours is just superb!! So glad I saw this!!