January 11, 2006

Sassy Lady's Gypsy Files

Click on each file name to download the file
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Instructions for downloading/transfering Gypsy Files
  1. Gypsy Made Simple - Altering A Tri-Fold Card
  2. Gypsy Made Simple - Altering Card Sizes
  3. Gypsy Made Simple - Accordian Wedding Card
  4. Gypsy Made Simple - Bee Spinner Card
  5. Gypsy Made Simple - Christmas Tags
  6. Gypsy Made Simple - Making Multiples - Re-Visited
  7. Gypsy Made Simple - Tri-Fold Card Re-Visited
  8. Gypsy Made Simple - Creating A Box
  9. Gypsy Made Simple - Circle Window Card
  10. Gypsy Made Simple - Window Card Tutorial
  11. Gypsy Made Simple Window Card - Anniversary
  12. Gypsy Made Simple - Birthday Shape Card
  13. Gypsy Made Simple - This Is A Test!
  14. Gypsy Made Simple - Instructions To Load Carts On Kindle Fire
  15. Gypsy Made Simple - Thinking Of You Window Card
  16. Gypsy Made Simple - 3 Fold Coyote Card
  17. Gypsy Made Simple - Tri-Fold Puppy
  18. Gypsy Made Simple - Octopus Card For A Friend
  19. Gypsy Made Simple - Simple To Hard Father's Day Card
  20. Gypsy Made Simple - Challenged By The Sassy Dude Scarecrow Card
  21. Gypsy Made Simple - Shape Cards Watermelon
  22. Gypsy Made Simple - Altering Card Sizes
  23. Gypsy Made Simple - 5x5 Anything Goes
  24. Gypsy Made Simple - Partial Shape Card - Owl
  25. Gyspy Made Simple - Shape Cards - Hippo
  26. Gypsy Made Simple - Reflections
  27. Gypsy Made Simple Get Well Card
  28. Gypsy Made Simple - Flower Shape Card
  29. Gypsy Made Simple - Easter Window Cards
  30. Gypsy Made Simple - Window Card
  31. Making Multiples With Your Gypsy - Igloo Penguin Card Free File
  32. Tea Time Pocket Card Tutorial and File
  33. 3-D Snow Globe
  34. GMS - Accordion Ornaments
  35. GMS - Craft Room To Gypsy
  36. GMS - My Circle Challenge Birthday Card
  37. Gypsy Made Simple - TriFold Birthday Card Revisited
  38. Gypsy Made Simple Thank You Card
  39. Gypsy Made Simple - Wedding Accordion Card
  40. Gypsy Made Simple A2W Owl Card
  41. Gypsy Made Simple - Scraplift - Oval Boxes
  42. Gypsy Made Simple - Scraplift What's Cooking Card
  43. Gypsy Made Simple - Doing A Challenge For Circle Blog
  44. Gypspy Made Simple - 1 Designe 3 Different Cards
  45. Gypsy Made Simple - Altering Cards To Fit Standard Envelope
  46. Gypsy Made Simple - Tri Fold Thank You Card
  47. Gypsy Made Simple - Love You A Latte
  48. How To Downlaod & Upload Your Gypsy Files
  49. Gypsy Made Simple - Word Shape Cards & Files
  50. 2 Year Old Happy Birthday Window Card Gypsy File
  51. Gypsy Made Simple - Birthday Window Card
  52. Gypsy Made Simple - Double
  53. Gypsy Made Simple - Home Decor Item
  54. Gypsy Made Simple - Wedding Card
  55. Gypsy Made Simple - Altering Tri-Fold Card
  56. Gypsy Made Simple - Tri-Fold Card
  57. Gypsy Made Simple - End Cap Tags
  58. Gypsy Made Simple - Welding Numbers To Make Cards
  59. Gypsy Made Simple - Shaped Window Card
  60. Gypsy Made Simple - Fast Card Design
  61. Spinner Card Gypsy File
  62. Gypsy Made Simple - Spinner Card
  63. Gypsy Made Simple - Word Books
  64. Gypsy Tips - Cords
  65. Gypsy Made Simple - Purses
  66. Gypsy Made Simple - Gate Cards
  67. Gypsy Made Simple - Flowers
  68. Gypsy Made Simple - Making Envelopes
  69. Gypsy Made Simple - Sharing Files Made Easy
  70. Sassy A2W-Puppy Card
  71. BRRRR Chicago Snow Layout Gypsy File
  72. Gypsy Made Simple - Christmas Tags
  73. Gypsy Made Simple - Card Gift Box
  74. Gypsy Made Simple - Tilting For Great Titles
  75. Gypsy Made Simple - Shaker Card
  76. Gypsy Made Simple - Large Window Cards
  77. Gypsy Made Simple - Making a Partial Shape Card
  78. Gypsy Made Simple - Make Your Own Template
  79. Gypsy Made Simple - Window Cards Made Easy
  80. Gypsy Made Simple - Follow A Sketch and Complete A Layout
  81. Gypsy Made Simple - Scraplift Turkey Card
  82. Gypsy Made Simple - Create A Box
  83. Gypsy Made Simple - Shape Card ScrapLift
  84. Sassy Happy Birthday 2 Year Old Card
  85. Gypsy Made Simple - Today We Make A Box
  86. Gypsy Made Simple - Shape Cards
  87. Happy Birthday Window Card
  88. Birthday 6 Year Old
  89. Something To Crow About
  90. Caught A Bug Get Well Card
  91. Just Kickin' Back Card
  92. Sassy Pretty In Pink Gypsy File
  93. MonAmour
  94. Sassy Dinosaur Roar Card
  95. Sassy Beach Page
  96. Cute As A Button
  97. Tommy The Turtle
  98. Splashy Whale Card
  99. Sassy Zebra Card
  100. Sassy Dynomite Card
  101. Sassy Moo Card
  102. Clear Card
  103. Mothers Day Bag
  104. A Snails Pace
  105. Life's A Tweet
  106. You're A Hoot
  107. Love
  108. Thank You Card
  109. OohLaLa Card
  110. Tea For 2
  111. Friends A2 Window Card
  112. Page-Sassy Giraffe
  113. Page-Sassy Circle Page
  114. Shopping Bags With Sass
  115. Sassy-Valentine Matchbook
  116. Sassy-NaNaBooBoo
  117. Sassy-Family
  118. Sassy Caught
  119. Birthday Sweets
  120. Hugs Are The Best
  121. 3.75 Box 
  122. Fancy Lid Box 
  123. Plain Lid Box
  124. Star Lid Box 
  125. Flake Lid Box 
  126. Smile Card 
  127. Thinking Of You Card 
  128. 12x12 Filagree Background - Cartridge - SB 
  129. Hot Chocolate Card Folder - Cartridge -GBS, ACY, JOTS, WW 
  130. Jesus Is The Reason For the Season - Cartridge -GF, GW, JOTS 
  131. Flamboyant February - Cartridge - DC, GW, Celebrate 
  132. Skating With Willie and Instructions
Thank you for your comments, I am honored and encouraged by them.


cissi said...

Love, love, love your box. You did a terrific job but I am not able to click on the link to get the file

Janine said...

Sassy, I also love your box and your selection of lids. I am unable to download your box, the plain lid or the fancy lid. I did notice there is "http://" typed twice on the ones I couldn't download. Not a computer wiz or anything, but maybe that is why we can't get it! Would love to try cutting it though. It's just beautiful!!

Pam Ramesh said...

i love the different lids. TFS

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

tina kuhlmann said...

love the boxes thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Your site is drop dead gorgeous!! You are in deed one Sassy Lady and thank you for sharing your work with us!


ddair said...

I love the box and the flexibility of all the lids. That was a lot of work and I really appreciate your generosity!

I also love your site! It is SO pretty, I'm signing up to be a follower.

Doris said...

Hi Sassy,
I don't see the Hot Chocolate gypsy file. I would to try it.


Doris the Hot Chocolate gypsy file is now there. Just design to fit the carts you have and to your taste.

jeanne said...

Your site is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing your cuts and tips. Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Wow! One word: Beautiful! TFS!

Anonymous said...

Please help! I would love to use some of these files, Valentine, hot chocolate, etc....but I can't open them. I don't know how to get the gypsy files. I do not have DS and the only info I have seen for transfering gypsy files is through DS.I have just recently got my gypsy and would love to try some of these designs.
Thanks for your help!

Sheila said...

You can not open them on your computer. Download them to your computer and then sync them to your gypsy, then the will open. Pam at www.thebugbytes.com actually has a video on this. May I suggest you go watch and then try again. It seems hard to do the first time but once you understand you will love how easy it is to utilize these files.

Cass said...

So cute! Thank you for sharing! I hope as time passes I get as inspirational.


Neva said...

Sassy, such cute cards!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the gypsy files!!

annod said...

Thank you so much for showing me how to use this gypsy machine that I got, I found your blog from Fantabulous Cricut and had to sign up with you to. I will be trying some of the cards on your blog they are all so cute.